Are you planning on visiting NYC in the next few months?  Are you a fan of Italian food?

It’s no secret that Italian food is a staple of life in New York. The melting pot of the Americas, New York has a rich history of Italian influence. You don’t have to travel far anywhere within the city to find a restaurant that is influenced by this rich and savory cuisine.

But how do you find the best? Word of mouth is usually your best bet for any successful trip. The Big Apple is full of many attractions. Cultural staples and diversity are wide spread in the big city. It shows in their food options.

Italian Cuisine and NYC Go Hand-in-Hand

Restaurants are one of the top destinations when traveling. We survive on food and love to try and experience new food venues in our travels. NYC is a diverse city providing a huge selection.

This culturally diverse city is a gold mine for restaurants, especially Italian food. NYC was one of the big cities that Italian immigrants settled when they immigrated from abroad. When they came to America, they brought their culture and great dishes.

While traveling in the Big Apple, you should definitely take in the best of the Italian cuisine offered within the city landscapes.

How Italy Shaped New York City

Italians were some of the first people to settle in New York City. The landscape here bleeds Italian influence through its fashion, architecture, and food. Even the signature New York City accent is highly influenced from the dialect of Italian Americans.

Think of some of your favorite New Yorkers- Joe Pesci, Robert DeNiro, Al Capone? All of them have rich Italian ancestry that shows through in their surnames, mannerisms, and style.

It has been said that if you’re coming to tour New York, you should be coming with three things in mind- Broadway, Lady Liberty, and real Italian cuisine. The first two should be fairly easy for you to mark off your list (face it- they don’t have much competition!).

Finding the best Italian restaurant in New York City, though, can be a bit more challenging.

Below, we will discuss the top ten best Italian restaurants in New York City that will have your taste buds going crazy. When traveling, you don’t want to spend all your precious time on finding the “best” eatery. There’s a lot of sightseeing to do, after all.

Even still, finding the best Italian restaurant in New York City is important. Eating is a huge part of our existence, and if you’re going to take in the city, you can’t skip over its rich Italian heritage. It is hard to find a great place that not only provides great food, but also excellent service and an amazing experience all rolled into one.

How We Chose Our Favorites

These places covered in the following list were picked because they provide just that for their customers.

The restaurants that will be discussed in this article are mostly on the high end quality, which means less likely to be on the affordable side. These are not the only eateries out there, however. They are just a handful on the streets of the big apple.

We scoured online reviews, menus, and dug deep into our own personal experiences to compile this list for you, which is full of handy tips and tricks for tracking down some of the best pasta and marinara in the city. Come hungry and leave happy with a doggy bag. You’ll be wanting a refill the next day.

If you are looking for a place to take in a special treat while touring the city, though, one of these restaurants is likely going to be your best bet.

Make sure you take in the best the city has to offer and don’t forget to keep your eyes open for the hidden gems throughout the city, as well. New York is full to the brim with hidden gems around every corner.

The 10 Best Italian Restaurants in NYC

Whether you are bringing the family, your lover, or dining alone - there is sure to be a perfect Italian restaurant somewhere in the city to suit your needs and accommodate your crowd. After all, the city is full of Italian influence! Here are our top 10 favorites:

Del Posto

del posto restaurant

Del Post​o is rated with 4.6 stars out of 5 stars, according to Google reviews. Don’t forget to reserve your seat. They do require a reservation, with a typical wait time of thirty minutes during their peak hours, which are from 7 to 9pm.

The menu has foods to please all those who come to Del Posto. They serve lunch, dinner and dessert only. Breakfast isn’t on the menu, which is typical for some Italian restaurants.

Our Rating


maialino nyc

Breakfast is served at this classic Italian restaurant – which is a surprise since most Italian restaurants only serve lunch and dinner. 

Our Rating

 Carmine’s Italian Restaurant on Time Square

 Carmine’s Italian Restaurant on Time Square

​​​​Carmine’s Italian Restaurant on Time Square comes in second on the top ten list.They are famous for having large family size meal portions.

Most Italian restaurants typically serve their meals in enormous sizes. This is known as family style portions. Their price ranges are high; however, you are not receiving anything short of huge meals. You won’t leave hungry, that’s for sure.

Our Rating


Patsy’s is located near the famous Carnegie Hall. After enjoying a show at the hall - be sure to stop in at Patsy’s. It is more than one of the best Italian restaurants in New York City - they also provide customers with a Neapolitan eatery. It is vintage eatery and gives customers a unique eating experience.

Our Rating

Eataly NYC Flatiron

Eataly NYC Flatiron is a unique set up. Not only is this a market for shoppers to enjoy Italian ingredients but it offers restaurants as well for customers to enjoy a bite to eat. This location not only offers markets and restaurants, but it also offers cooking demos as well as counter seating with a view of the kitchen.

Our Rating


Marea Restaurante New York

Marea is in the heart of NYC, near Central Park. This restaurant is another high-end eatery. But it also provides seafood and house made pastas just like Scarpetta. Prices are a bit high in but you are in the heart of NYC. It is a Michelin restaurant and most customers have very high expectations for good service and food.

Our Rating


carbone new york

Carbone is on the high end of the eateries on this list, but is also probably one of the best Italian restaurants in all of NYC.

If you want a restaurant where you can simply walk in for a table then Carbone isn’t the eatery for you. A reservation is a definite must, if not you won’t be given a table. Also, its prices aren’t for everyone, as they are a little high, but the food is exceptional - so for many – it’s worth it!

The atmosphere in this restaurant is more of a retro feel, which usually is suited for the younger generation.

Our Rating


LArtusi italian restaurant

L’Arusi is an Italian restaurant in the heart of NYC. It is one of the smaller eateries available in NYC with an Italian food menu. The prices at L’Artusi are a bit more affordable than the others on this list.

They have an extensive wine list to pare with your dining experience while you are there enjoying your meal. They specialize in smaller plate portions. This hidden gem is a perfect hide way for those customers looking for a special place to enjoy on their night out. All dishes are prepared fresh and full of flavor.

Our Rating

Tony’s Di Napoli 

Tony’s Di Napoli restaurant

Tony’s Di Napoli is another NYC Italian restaurant who offers customers enormous, family style portions. This eatery is perfect for a large family on a budget. It allows them to order fewer meals but is large enough for them to be shared. Or if you and your significant other are planning a date, this is another perfect to share one large meal together.

Our Rating


Scarpetta italian retaurant

Scarpetta is located in the meat packing district of NYC. They are famous for their handmade pastas such as their spaghetti. Not only does this Italian restaurant serve Italian food, but they also give their customers an opportunity to taste some amazing seafood, such as octopus. Seafood isn’t quite popular with some people, however it gives their customer base a variety.

Our Rating

Why Do We Suggest These Restaurants?

Each of these amazing restaurants offers its own signature dish and/or experience. If you cannot visit all of the best Italian restaurants in New York, it is alright - but do yourself a favor and at least enjoy one or two!

Every location offers customers a different experience, whether its budget friendly or family style portions. Most restaurants with an Italian flare do not have a large variety of seafood on their menu, but several on this list of restaurants do serve amazing octopus dishes, and more!

Here, we reviewed ten of the best Italian restaurants in New York City.

It is hard to find a great eatery to please everyone, especially with all the competition out there. However, every one of these restaurants has a very high star rating of more than three stars. They are rated not only on service, but location and, most importantly - the taste.

It doesn’t matter in the end which you decide to try - you will leave fully and with wonderful memories. The restaurants on this list give their customers an experience they can’t find anywhere else.

In conclusion, each restaurant offers tourists and locals an opportunity to taste a bit of Italy.  It is a chance to experience the country without having to actually leave the countryside to go abroad. The country is brought to you.  Which one will you decide to try on your next visit to NYC?

Which Italian Restaurant in NYC Will You Try?

Whether you are a tourist or a local who is looking for a new eatery to try out, this list is a guide you do not want to be without.

All of us occasionally just want to try something new, and hopefully this guide will help steer you in the right direction. Every restaurant offers something completely different, which is great because it gives customers a variety best Italian Restaurants NYC. Customers love variety. They don’t want to always eat the same thing unless it’s a favorite. Taste buds need to be pleased and each one of these restaurants will provide customers that experience they crave.

Which one will you try first?

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