Top 5 Interesting Things to do in Williamsburg, VA

It’s no secret that Williamsburg, Virginia has recently become a favorite tourist destination.

With its 18th-century setting that takes its visitors back in time, Williamsburg allows you to explore rich American history while having a little bit of fun.

Williamsburg, VA Top Attraction Sites You Need to Visit Today

From thrill seekers to art lovers, Williamsburg is a great place to visit.  There are a lot of places to go for picnics, rollercoaster rides, festivals, and get to enjoy a wide variety of delicacies.

Here are some exciting Virginia tourist attractions that you definitely need to visit in Williamsburg:

1. Yorktown Battlefield

There are many museums dedicated to the colonial and revolutionary history in Williamsburg,but one thing sets Yorktown apart and makes it unique – General George Washington, an epitome of American history.

Yorktown is the exact place where the 1781 siege and the ultimate surrender of the British troops to George Washington occurredduring the revolutionary war.

Come and experience this legendary event in person and connect with your patriotic side.  You’ll get to experience a firsthand re-enactment of the monumental war and surrender. The ancient cannons and trenches will bring the battleground to life.

Visit Yorktown Battlefield from 5 AM all the way to 5 PM and get to experience what war felt like when technology was at its lowest.

2. Williamsburg Winery

There is something about Williamsburg that oozes class. And its old setting has a lot to do with it. So what do Williamsburg and wine have in common?

They both get better with time.

Just four miles south of Williamsburg, the Williamsburg Winery has some of the best wines in the country. Drive down there and get to sample some fine wine. The 320-acre winery blends different generations of wines that will satisfy your cravings.

From the excellent atmosphere to the affordability and top-notch wine, this is a must-go place for any wine enthusiast. You can’t miss out on free wine, can you?

3. Jamestown Glasshouse

History has it that one of the initial attempts by the British in the industrialization of America was glassblowing.

Located just six miles southeast of Williamsburg, Jamestown Glasshouse is a site worth visiting. Come and learn the art and craft of glassmaking and get to experience how artisans produced glass in a century where technology was nonexistent.

Visitors also have the opportunity of getting a closer look at the ruins of the original furnaces used to carve glass and can compare them to modern day glassblowers. Additionally, you’ll get to learn how finely detailed glass carving like candleholders, vases, and wine bottles are made. Remember to buy a glass product and take it home as a souvenir.

4. Muscarelle Museum of Art

This museum of art is located at Lamberson Hall. At the museum, you’ll get to see a collection of gifts donated to the college more than 250 years ago. This history that dates back almost three centuries ago issafely preserved in this museum.

When you visit the Muscarella Museum of Art, you’ll get to see masterpieces from incredible artists such as Hans Hofmann, Georgia O’Keeffe, John Singleton, Picasso and many other historical American and English painters.

5. Busch Gardens

For theme park lovers, Williamsburg has something for you – the Busch Gardens. This park has something for everyone. Make sure you carry your whole family to this happy place.

Toddlers and little kids can spend the whole day at the Sesame Street Forest of Fun and interact with other kids. They’ll also be entertained by the beloved characters of the show.  Older kids and animal enthusiasts will enjoy the animal shows and rides, and the teens will be thrilled by the heart throbbing roller coasters.

The grownups will not be left behind, they can indulge in the themed country lands including the Beer Gardens and Oktoberfest Village.

Busch Gardens is open from 10 AM to 8 PM every day. Make a date!

Awaken the Explorer in You with These Williamsburg, VA Tourist Attractions

Good history not only makes you knowledgeable, but it also gives you a taste of both the ancient world and the new world. Visit Williamsburg today and get a chance to awaken the explorer in you.

With lots of activities to do in Williamsburg, this is one place that you can never get tired of. Start scheduling a trip today. You just can’t help falling in love with this city.

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