7 Great Places Near Charleston City Market You Need to Visit

For many people, Charleston City Market can turn out to be quite overwhelming.

Often, this place is considered to be the biggest tourist hotspot in the whole South Carolina area. Established in 1807, Charleston City Market has grown to be a huge trading center with visitors and residents perusing through stalls loaded with clothes, toys, leather goods, and other souvenirs all day long.

Fun Things to do Near Charleston City Market

If you are done shopping, there are so many fun things for you and your family or friends to do around Charleston City Market:

1. Waterfront Park

One of the best experiences you can share with your family is having a splash in the big water park. The Waterfront Park is a great place to retire after a long day of shopping.

No matter the weather, the splash pad and pineapple fountain is a huge hit for kids – your kids will definitely love it. Adults can also join in the fun or choose to relax on a swinging bench and watch ships at the harbor. It’s such a pleasant experience.

2. Charleston Farmers Market

If you need convenient grocery shopping, Charleston Farmers Market is the place to be on weekends, especially Saturdays. Being the largest grocery market in the town, it’s no surprise that majority of the sellers are farmers with fresh produce flock this place.

You also get to taste various delicacies like pasta sandwiches at food stalls and booths.

As you shop for souvenirs and other high-end items at Charleston City Market, don’t forget to pick fresh fruits and vegetables from this market.

3. Powder Magazine

This is one of the oldest public buildings in South Carolina. Apart from its age, it’s also known to be entirely fireproof, the first of its kind in the area.

It was initially designed to store gunpowder, and there have been constant fears of an explosion. But the building is fireproof, so you have nothing to worry about. The uncertainty, however, offers an exciting adventure to thrill lovers.

Get to explore the cool design features that make the building fireproof and learn about the materials used to put off fire immediately. Apart from just exploring this old building, you’ll also get to learn about fire safety.

4. Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

Before the City Market came into existence, the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon was a thriving trading center. It was also the main location for prisoners and other wrongdoers.

Get a chance to visit and explore the dungeons where convicts and political prisoners were held captive for years. Legend has it that most of the prisoners died in those dungeons and their tormented souls are still roaming around the area. If you don’t believe this, just head down there and experience it firsthand.

This dungeon is also an interesting historical site to explore, and its contribution to American history makes it a worthwhile tourist spot.

5. Fort Sumter

You really haven’t explored Charleston city if you haven’t visited Fort Sumter. Being the site where the first shots of the civil war were fired, this location serves as a prerequisite to understanding the war that defined the south.

Learn a thing or two about the civil war from this glorious fort. It’s the least you can do for the fallen soldiers.

6. Boon Hall Plantation

This is yet another popular stopover for visitors. The vast plantation is well-known in the country as the location for some of the biggest Hollywood films including “The Notebook.”

Come and experience the thrill of “being on set.”

This plantation is also a beautiful wedding venue where guests can enjoy the cool fresh air and scenic beauty.

If you love picturesque views, then Boon Hall Plantation will be the perfect spot for you.

7. The Confederate Museum

Located at Meeting Street, Downtown Charleston, this is a great place for art lovers. The building is a perfect replica of the Temple of the Wingless Victory in Athens Greece.

Its main purpose was to act as an entryway to the Market Hall. But since the hall is no longer in use, the building is now a museum.

Feel free to make a pit stop here after doing your shopping at Charleston City Market.

Charleston City Market is a Perfect Weekend Getaway

You need a break from the 5-9 slavery on weekdays. Create sometime this weekendto visit the Charleston City Market and buy some awesome items that you’ll love.

And when you are done shopping, make sure to stop over at one of these exciting places and you won’t regret it.

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