New Mexico not only boasts of incredibly diverse and scenic landscapes but also provides endless opportunities for adventure and exploration.

Having strong influences of both Hispanic and Native American culture, this state gives visitors multiple unique attractions and a lot of fun things to do. Here are some places you can tour in New Mexico.

Top 12 New Mexico Tourist Attractions

1. White Sands National Monument

This is one of the stunning landscapes you’ll find in New Mexico. It lies in Tularosa Basin and is encircled by rugged majestic mountains. The luminous white gypsum sand here has built up an astonishing 275 square miles landscape of dunes as high as 60 feet high. The wind constantly displaces the dunes.

2. Carlsbad Caverns National Park

With nearly 120 known caves, the Carlsbad Caverns Park is a hidden underground gem. It was carved from limestone collected from the ancient sea, making this underground landscape a renowned tourist attraction in New Mexico.

When you visit this national park, you get to see some superb specific caves, go for bat tours, as well as take walks through the unique geological formations. This place is also a great spot for hiking, camping, and backpacking.

3. Gila Cliff Dwellings

This National Monument will give you a glimpse of the lives of the Mogollon people who lived in that area more than 700 years ago. The dwellings were constructed within the five Cliff Dweller Canyon natural caves, and the public is allowed access to them.

4. Ghost Ranch

Located in Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch offers a dramatic landscape of yellow and red cliffs. It encompasses towering rock walls (21,000 acres), vast skies and vivid colors. The scene is beautiful and was home to renowned artist, Georgia O’Keeffe.

Some activities you can take part in include horseback riding, hiking, and kayaking, among others.

5. Valles Caldera

This is New Mexico’s Super Volcano!

The National Preserve (89,000 acres) is situated at the center of one of the three main United States super volcanoes. It’s known for its expansive high mountain valleys, diverse history, and large elk herds.

Valles Caldera is a favorite preserve for both the locals and visitors.

6. Bandelier National Monument

This 33,677-acre national preserve incorporates some dramatic archaeological ruins and volcanic landscapes in the state. The Bandelier was home to the ancestral Pueblo people who occupied it between 1150-1600AD. Bandelier National Monument offers a ruggedly beautiful canyon containing some of the most interesting and unique ancient ruins in Southwest.

You can also take advantage of the several camping options, visit the fine museum, go for back-country hiking and interpretative trails.

7. Chaco Culture National Park

Chaco Canyon is a stunning archeological site in North America. It was occupied from 800 to 1200AD by the ancestral Puebloan people. It acted as a major center comprising of 15 massive ruins including hundreds of small constructions.

Activities offered in this park include an interpretive center, camping, stargazing from the telescopes in the canyon, and back-country hikes.

8. Enchanted Skies Star Party

The clarity and darkness of the sky in New Mexico is a rare treat. If you’ll want to see the Great Nebula in Orion, the Andromeda Galaxy, or the Beehive Star Cluster, the Enchanted Skies is the place to feast your eyes on.

9. Blue Hole

Located in Santa Rosa, the Blue Hole is a natural and bell-shaped 80 feet pool that provides astonishing clarity and a 61-degree constant water temperature. This a geological phenomenon that makes Santa Rosa a scuba diving capital of the Southwest.

10. Brazos Cliff

Rising more than 2000 feet above Chama River, the Brazos Cliff is one of the oldest rocks you will find in New Mexico. Be sure to catch the sunset on this monolith for a spectacular experience.

11. Bosque Del Apache

This is a spectacular national wildlife refuge that contains tens of thousands of birds including Arctic geese, sandhill cranes, and multiple types of ducks. These birds gather each autumn and stay through the winter. You get an opportunity to watch and take beautiful photos of birds in flight, go for a picnic, and take hikes.

12. Shiprock

The Shiprock is a magnificent landmark seen 50 miles from any direction. It rises about 1,583 feet above the desert plain of the Navajo Nation. This landmark is considered by the Navajo people as a sacred mountain. It’s also a point of interest to many photographers, hikers and film producers. To climb the hill, you need permission from the Navajo Nation.

Ensure You Visit These Awesome New Mexico Tourist Attractions

With this list, you have so many things to do in New Mexico. You can never run out of ideas now. Start packing because New Mexico attractions are waiting for you.

Enjoy your vacation!

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