Life is filled with the rigors of a work life, the demands of family and constant ups and downs. And for some, the downs are more. That is why it is crucial that you take some downtime and plan a vacation.

It might seem like an expensive proposition. But, we assure you, it does not have to be. Vacations should be a necessary inclusion for daily living as it is a way to rejuvenate the body and mind. Without this period of rest and relaxation, one simply cannot function optimally.

Therefore, vacations are a necessity. It will go a long way in helping you to manage all life throws at you, along the way.

There are many different places, which offer beautiful havens of rest, beauty, good food and fun. With so many places to choose from, we will attempt to shorten the process for you.

We are not only encouraging you to take a well-needed vacation but that you do so in the MO, USA.

About the State of Missouri

The United States is filled with so many hidden treasures and remarkable places to visit and live or even consider working there for a short time. Each State is unique in its culture, people and places.

Missouri is one such place, and there is no place quite like it.


The History

history of missourie

According to the Missouri Digital Heritage archives, in 1673, “During their voyage down the Mississippi River, Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet were the first Europeans to set foot on land that would later become Missouri.” By April 9, 1682, “Explorer Robert Cavalier, Sieur de La Salle took possession of the Louisiana Territory area for France.”

Almost 100 years later, on November 13, 1762, “Spain gained control of the Louisiana Territory in the Treaty of Fontainebleau.”

In 1812, Ste. Genevieve, St. Louis, St. Charles, New Madrid, and Cape Girardeau were named the first five counties. Eight years later, Missouri was on the way to being a state.

However, “The Missouri statehood controversy became a national issue as the issue of slavery was debated. The ‘Missouri Compromise’ allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state and Maine as a free state, thus keeping the balance of slave and Free states equal in Congress. Although Missouri was allowed to enter as a slave state, the remaining portion of the Louisiana Purchase area north of the 36° 30¢ line was to be forever free of slavery.”

Nonetheless, on January 11, 1865, slavery was abolished in MO, USA by a decree of instant emancipation. This caused Missouri to become the foremost slave state to liberate its slaves ahead of the implementation of the US Constitution’s 13th Amendment.

The Missouri State name was coined after the Missouri Indian tribe. It means “town of the large canoes.”

Places to See in Missouri

Visitors will not be bored. There is a diverse collection of places to visit including fascinating museums, splendid cities and remarkable nature scenes all around MO, USA.

The Historical Tour Sites

history of missouri

As you have learned, this is a place filled with rich history. If you opt for this kind of experience, you can be assured and anticipate a variety of experiences. There are trips to Civil War battlefields to visiting the birthplaces of Harry S. Truman and Mark Twain.

Even though there are 36 state historic sites in MO, USA, you can easily access about 24 interpretative tours planned to offer vacationers an intimate look and improved understanding of what happened during certain periods in history.

Some of these historical tour areas include:

  1. Battle of Lexington State Historic Site
  2. Missouri Mines State Historic Site
  3. Battle of Pilot Knob historic sites
  4. Mark Twain Birthplace State Historic Site
  5. Deutschheim State Historic Site
  6. Battle of Athens
  7. Watkins Woolen Mill State Historic Site
  8. Dillard Mill State Historic Site
  9. Harry S Truman Birthplace
  10. Missouri State Museum
  11. Hodgson Mill
  12. Confederate Memorial

Some of these historical sites go back many years and should really be on your must-see lists.

    Battle of Lexington State Historic Site


Battle of Lexington State Historic Site

This tour incorporates a trip to the Oliver Anderson house. It was the center of a vicious mêlée, which left the markings of musket fire and mortar rounds on the outside and inside walls of the house.

It is also considered the “the best-arranged dwelling house west of St. Louis.”

“The Colonel Oliver Anderson House is a late example of the Federal style house in Missouri with some features showing innovative mid-nineteenth century details. The house is traditional in basic form having a rectangular block under the ridge roof and symmetrical facade. A width of five bays expresses the interior plan of the large central hallway flanked on both sides by two rooms (one in front and one behind).”

    Missouri Mines State Historic Site

Missouri Mines State Historic Site

This site is located in the Old Lead Belt. It is considered the premier lead district of the United States. It is entrenched deep inside the eastern Ozarks.

Once on the premises, you will get to go through a vast mine-mill powerhouse, which was renovated into a museum. On show are an outstanding mineral collection and old mining machinery.

The Missouri Mines State Historic Site is located at 4000 State Hwy. 32, Park Hills, MO, USA.

“Pierre Charles LeSueur led the first European mineralogical expedition into the Mississippi Valley in early 1700. Two decades later, word came of a "shiny gray mineral that was everywhere, often lying on the surface of the ground." These early explorers discovered that blanket like lodes of Galena, many feet thick, lay just below the earth's surface. This plentiful mineral is the primary lead ore still mined today in Missouri. The ore deposits have made Missouri the nation's major source of lead for more than 100 years.”

    Mark Twain Birthplace State Historic Site

Mark Twain Birthplace

At this simple two-room cabin location, you will be able to see a handwritten manuscript of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”

The author, Mark Twain, is actually named Samuel Clemens. You will also be able to view many of the furnishings from his Connecticut home.

There is also a public reading room, where you can do research or personal study.

    Deutschheim State Historic Site

Deutschheim State Historic Site

This site is “dedicated to the preservation of the culture and heritage of the Germans who migrated to Missouri in the 19th century.”

The Hermann Brush and Palette Club donated the buildings, which form the historic site, in 1978. They were a local preservation group.

You can tour a couple of the German houses that belonged to immigrants that settled in the area in the early 1800s. They lived in the Missouri River valley, MO, USA.

This mass migration was caused primarily because of Gottfried Duden’s “Report of a Journey to the Western States of Northern America.” Soon after its release, “thousands of farmers, artisans, craftsmen, brewers and winemakers migrated to Missouri along with intellectuals and political activists.”

    Watkins Woolen Mill State Historic Site

Watkins Mill Spring on the Farm

You can go on any of the daily tours of the mill, which includes the Watkins home. It is the only 19th-century American woolen mill with its original mechanism intact.

This is a walking tour through rural parts and there are three floors of machinery to explore.

Tours rates are $4.00. However, children ages 6 to 12 years pay $3 and those younger than 6 years, are free.

   Dillard Mill State Historic Site

Dillard Mill State Historic Site

Although the Watkins mill is a reflection of the Industrial Revolution, at this historic site, you can enjoy a charming gristmill. It receives power from the waters of the dazzling Huzzah Creek, MO, USA.

It is just as it was in days of old because the Dillard Mill State Historic Site was brought back to working condition. Prepare to partake also of the picnic areas, hiking trails and fishing spots.

    Missouri State Museum

Missouri State Museum Entrance

You can enjoy yourself and get the full experience of the Show-Me State.

The Missouri State Museum is in the State Capitol. There you will find “an impressive collection of exhibits portraying the state's natural and cultural history. Museum staff provides tours of the Capitol. Jefferson Landing was a busy center of commerce along the Missouri River during the mid-1800s. Steamboats traveling between St. Louis and Kansas City docked in front of the Lohman Building.”

12 More Places to See in MO, USA

You can come back time and again and still not see all it has to offer, in its entirety. There are must-see places in Missouri that are breathtaking and definitely worth a trip.

Some of these hot spots in MO, USA include:

  1. Forest Park Bandstand In St. Louis
  2. MKT Tunnel On Katy Trail Near Rocheport
  3. Ha Ha Tonka State Park
  4. JC Nichols Fountain, Kansas City
  5. Shrine Of St. Joseph, St. Louis
  6. Cathedral Basilica Of Saint Louis, St Louis
  7. Kansas City, Missouri
  8. Onondaga Cave In Onondaga Cave State Park In Leasburg
  9. Visit when its Spring In Missouri, Midwest
  10. Mina Sauk Falls, Taum Sauk Mountain State Park
  11. Shoal Creek In Joplin
  12. Elizabeth Rozier Gallery

There is no shortage of gorgeous sites in the State of Missouri.


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