What Makes Virginia the Ultimate Destination for Tourists?

With beautiful landscapes and great atmosphere, Virginia is the ultimate destination for tourists looking for fun and adventure.

So, what makes Virginia so captivating?

Did you know that America’s first five presidents were born here? Don’t you just want to visit Mount Vernon and Monticello – home to two of our nations presidents?

The state is well-known for being home of the Civil War’s battlefield evident in the state’s capital, Williamsburg, which maintains its 18th Century appearance.

Top 5 Virginia Tourist Attractions

Located along the east coast, history is not the only thing that makes Virginia an alluring tourist destination, its natural wonders like the Luray caverns, natural bridges and barrier islands are also breathtaking and eye-catching.

Beach lovers will fall head over heels on the sandy shores and clear waters, shoppers will treat themselves to the numerous stores available, couples will enjoy the romantic resorts, and families will have fun in the amazing theme parks.

There is something for everyone!

Here are some great places in Virginia that you definitely need to visit:

1. Colonial Williamsburg

Williamsburg is one of those very few places, if not the only place, that can successfully regenerate an 18th-century setting.

At this capital, you get the opportunity to stand exactly where Patrick Henry delivered his stirring speech. Walk on Thomas Jefferson’s streets. And enjoy delicious crab cakes where George Washington severed seafood dinners.

Colonial Williamsburg is a place where you and your family can have fun and appreciate American history.

Enjoy an art exhibition at the Art Museum of Colonial Williamsburg and shop for souvenirs. This city is full of restaurants that serve scrumptious dishes all day long. And don’t forget the soul-soothing spas.

There’s always something to do here.

2. Virginia Beach

Image source: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/season/21/virginia-beach-va/

Famed for being the biggest and most luxurious beach in the state, this Virginia tourist attraction lives up to its expectations.

With amusement parks, zoos, beautiful aquariums, and thrilling waterslides, the Virginia Beach is a place that you’ll definitely love.

Stretching over 9,000 acres of coastline, outdoor enthusiasts will love the experiences ofhike trailing and bird watching.

This sprawling beach is also known for its thriving nightlife that includes beach events, concerts, and live music. This is an experience you cannot afford to miss.

3. The Natural Bridge of Virginia

Towering over 215 feet high and spanning over 80 feet, the Natural Bridge of Virginia is one of the state’s oldest tourist attractions according to the country’s national register of historic sites.

This bridge is a fascinating natural sight that resembles something you might only see in fairytale movies. It was formed as a result of a geological activity that carved a bridge-like structure out of a limestone mountain. It’s just breathtaking.

History has it that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson resided in a cabin and retreat house nearby. This is the perfect opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of great American heroes.

4. Busch Gardens

If you’re looking for the perfect family getaway full of fun and adventure, Busch Garden is the ideal place to visit. Located just three miles east of Williamsburg, this is one of the best places in Virginia to explore the great outdoors and be one with nature.

The lively European themed park borrows a lot from Southern Germany’s culture. With costumed dancers and a Bavarian band that plays all night long, you’ll have the time of your life.

The park also offers you and your family fun rides which include simulators and rollercoaster rides with interesting themes including the Loch Ness monster, the ruins of Pompeii, and the Alps.  The roller-coaster experience is out of this world.

Apart from the fun family activities, you can also shop and dine in a wide range of stores and restaurants. This weekend, take your family out for a treat that they’ll never forget.

5. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Getting inspiration from a villa in Italy, Jefferson designed this great mansion himself, which is currently the most visited home in the country.

Inside the beautiful home, you’ll get to see Jefferson’s incredible inventions and historical gardens all done by him. Ensure you make a pit stop here.

You Can’t Get Enough of Virginia Tourist Attractions

There is something about American history that’s so intriguing. It gets better when you can explore it and still indulge in some fun activities. With a lot of exciting things to do, Virginia is a great place to visit.

Start scheduling for a trip to Virginia today for an unforgettable experience. You won’t regret it!

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