How Far is it from Stonehenge to London?

Are you visiting England and want to see the prehistoric Stonehenge but don’t quite know how to get there?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Stonehenge has for many centuries now been a topic of great interest, largely because no one knows what the purpose of the monument actually was. There have been widespread speculations and debate as to the original intent of the gigantic construction which dates as far back as 3000 BC. The majority of historians and scientists argue that it was an ancient burial site. This is the theory that many agree with – thanks to the discovery of scores of burial mounds and human remains discovered around the site.

Stonehenge’s Location

Stonehenge is located in England in the south west county of Wiltshire, approximately 88.1 miles (141.7 km) from the center of London. To put it into perspective, if you arrive in the county’s only city of Salisbury you’re 8 miles (13km) away from the site. If you opt to stay in the nearby parish town of Amesbury then you’ll be 2 miles (3km) away from the monument.

Modes of Transportation to Get to Stonehenge

How do you get from London to Stonehenge? In order to get to the famous landmark you can do one of several things. The first option is to drive all the way from London to Wilshire County directly – this is a 2 hour 19 minute drive via M3 and A303. This is particularly useful if you want to sight see along the way, and stop in other places.

The second option involves taking the train from Waterloo Station to Salisbury. The journey by train is a 2 hour 33 minute ride. There are trains every half-hour from London Waterloo to Salisbury. Once you reach Salisbury there is a 26 minute walk to the next Railway Station which provides buses that go towards Stonehenge. It takes on average 33 minutes to arrive at the Stonehenge Visitors Center on these Stonehenge Tour buses.

If you are pressed for time and money, you may want to consider taking a direct Stonehenge Tour Bus from London to Stonehenge. Just keep in mind that you’ll need about six hours in total, two hours going to Stonehenge, two hours to explore the site, and two hours to get back to London. These tour buses are one of the cheapest ways to get to the historic monument.

There is another option if you’re the outdoor type and enjoy cycling. You can cycle along A345 and the National Cycle Route 45. Cycling your way to Stonehenge is a 9 hour 11 minute (108.5mmile) experience.

Download Map for Easy Navigation

The English Heritage, the charity that manages the UK’s heritage collection of historic buildings and sites has conveniently availed a downloadable Stonehenge map to make getting to the landmark easier. If you wish to receive this map in an alternative version such as larger print, Braille or an audio version, you can contact the English Heritage directly.

What You Can Do at Stonehenge

Before setting off for Stonehenge, it’s worth noting the opening hours. Admissions are from 9:30 am up till 7 pm. The cost per adult is £15.50 ($20), £9.30 ($12) for children between the ages of 5 and 15, £13.30 ($17) for students (16 to 18 year olds) and seniors (60 years and above); and if you make it a family affair you’ll be charged a fee of £40.30 for the family ticket consisting of two adults and three children. Also note that the last entry will be accepted two hours before the scheduled closing time.

When you get there, you’ll also notice that the area around the stones is roped off. The closest you’ll be able to get to the monument during normal opening hours is standing about 10 yards away. The only time that visitors are allowed to get closer to the stones is during Special Access visits. These are held outside public opening hours usually at dawn or dusk. Getting the tickets for these visits is extremely challenging as they sell out very fast.

If you want to purchase souvenirs there’s a gift shop on site, as well as a café should you get hungry. There are also free-of-charge toilets.

Stonehenge Today

Today Stonehenge is a protected site under UNESCO. It’s on the list of the World Heritage Sites and has been on the list since 1986. Stonehenge is an impressive edifice and gives us a look into an ancient world that we have no records of except this lasting monument. It’s an intriguing place and one that should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list of things to see!

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