Hudson, New York is a travel destination for the adventurous brave and the history curious. From a small indigenous tribe to the self-named “Upstate’s Downtown,” Hudson has more to offer than most cities twice its size.

It doesn’t matter what you are in to or how you like to live your life, Hudson has something just for you. Let’s take a look at some the best spots to call home during your visit, the best places to grab a bite and the most exciting options of what to explore. Hudson has it, you just have to come get it.

History of Hudson, New York

Thousands of years indigenous people claimed stake in what is now Hudson. Back and forth between those, the Mahican’s and then the Dutch, who bought it from the Mahicans in 1622. It was named Claverack by the Dutch.

Because of the town’s placement at the head of the Hudson river, it became a busy port that grew in population rapidly. Peaking in 1930 with over 12,000 residents that made Hudson the 4th largest city in New York.

As technology progressed and we relied less on the waterways, Hudson began to lose its prominence for transportation. Quickly to adapt, Hudson became known as Factory Town, building vast amounts of industrial factories that saw a boom in workers and production.

In the 1950s, Hudson was known as a vice city with prostitution and gambling running amok. At one time, there were over 50 bars in the city limits. Since then, though, the rich architecture and prominence for the gay community, Hudson has been restored to its antique-rich roots. Victorian era houses and buildings being restored and registered with the historical societies.

Places to Stay in Hudson

You won’t find any brothels in Hudson any more. However, you will find many inns, cottages, hotels and bed and breakfasts. With an attention to the arts and antiques, the rooms in these stays are alive with color, architecture and memorabilia of yesteryear.

Hotels of a Different Nature

You don’t have to drive far to see that there are more options than your generic numbered hotel chain. Try a boutique hotel instead. Each one offers a little twist on the normal expectancy of a hotel.

The Inn at 34, for example, offers modern accommodations such as WiFI and in room televisions inside one of Hudson’s reformed historic homes. Or you can choose the Wick, a 55-room hotel with various accommodations depending on the room you select.

Bed and Breakfast

There are always going to be quaint and cozy bed and breakfasts when you stop in Hudson, but why be normal? Try a new twist on an old favorite. The William Farmer and Son’s B&B, is one such twist. Where the B&B stand for boarding and barroom. William Farmer and Sons provide a full-service cocktail bar with rustic and country style rooms all around it.

However, if a more traditional approach is your thing there are still plenty of those to choose from as well:

You will, of course find your normal cookie cutter box chain hotels, and the run of the mill inns at your disposal as well. However, if you are going to stay in Hudson, where you stay should be just as memorable as the trip itself.

When booking, don’t get confused. The Hudson New York is a very fine hotel in its own right. However, it is located in Central Park in New York City, not in Hudson, New York.

What’s In A Name?

Hudson was named for the River and the explorer who discovered the river: Henry Hudson. When you travel to Hudson, you will no doubt be told of the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley, New York, does in fact take part of Hudson, the city, but it stretches so much further than that.

From the mouth of the Hudson river to the state capital Albany, the Hudson Valley is a breath taking, scenic landscape that include the Adirondack Mountains, Albany, Saratoga Springs and many others. A vacation in and of itself, the city of Hudson is but a stepping stone for the Valley.

What Can You Do In Hudson?

Now that we have the namesakes out of the way, let’s focus on the things to do in Hudson. Despite the humble beginnings (and losing the election of being New York’s capital by a single vote), the city is a bustling epicenter of art, antiques, style and class.

Take in a Show

There wouldn’t be a cultural center without shows and entertainment. You can visit one of the many theaters in the area such as the The Proprietors Theatre Company or Time & Space Limited. Or if romance, tuxedos and enthralling entertainers is more your style there is always the Hudson Hall at the historic Hudson Opera House.

Even though there are troupes and theaters seemingly on every street, don’t let it fool you. Hudson has a little taste of and for everyone. You will find venues that give you a performance you crave, from live music to opera to comedy. If it belongs on a stage, you will find it in Hudson.


What trip would be complete without a little booze to wash down the excitement with? Hudson offers many options besides “the same old same old” bars and pubs. Wine tastings and wine tours give you a splash of the regions flavors. You can also tour distilleries and have a drink straight from a cask.

If you aren’t in to wine and still want a tasting, there are Beer tasting tours for you as well.

Places to Eat

No doubt your tummy will rumble and your nose will guide you through the streets ass you try to locate that single smell that has your attention. It will be difficult though. With so many restaurants and eateries you might not know where to begin.

Eating in Hudson may be the most difficult thing to do while in town. Simply because you will pick a food type and then end up changing your mind a hundred times as you walk down the street.

If you are in the mode for foreign foods, Hudson, New York has you covered. The Food Sing offers full menu Chinese food while the Cafe Le Perche and La Gamin Country give you French cuisine rivaled by few.

The kids aren’t forgotten either. Pizza, submarine sandwiches, chicken strips and more can be found at places like Golden Grain, Oak Pizzeria Napoletana and Baba Louie’s.

Italian food, tastes of the Orient, vegan and vegetarian diets; it doesn’t matter what your taste buds crave, you will find a place that will deliver exactly what you want.

Weather Conditions

The weather in Hudson is typical of any New England area: warm summer months and cold winters. However, because Hudson is on the river and only 120 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, the humidity is higher than that of upstate and the temperature remains quite constant.

Below freezing is common in the winter with snow and rain frequent. In the spring and summer months the temperature will average about 80 degrees with rain fall common.

Fun Facts

Hudson has caught the eye of Hollywood and television. The city has starred in three movies: Ironweed, Odds Against Tomorrow and Nobody’s Fool. It has also been shown in 2 television shows: Two Square Miles and Our Town: Hudson.

The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York has its home in Hudson. The FASNY is housed in the Firemen’s Home, the first ever nursing home for firemen and is one of the largest firemen related museums in the country.

The single largest free music festival takes place every year in Hudson, New York. The Hudson Music Fest began in 2011 and offers over 100 music acts on a four-day annual festival.

In Conclusion

Hudson, New York had humble beginnings and fought through adversity and change. When work on the Eerie canal took workers and jobs away from Hudson, they changed direction and started opening factories.

The never quit attitude has carried over through the years and Hudson remains one of the go-to venues for many people. Artists love the atmosphere and scenery and history buffs love the lore and legend.

Whatever you are in to, be it music, dance, opera or food, you will find everything you need in Hudson. Staying in boutique or uncommon bed and breakfasts is just the start. A fun loving, open to everyone vibe exudes from the area and the start of lifetime memories is just around the corner.

Hudson, New York is a slice of Americana that everyone should experience at least once.

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