Chagrin Falls, Ohio is a small town built around a waterfall. Far enough away from the city life of Cleveland, the town feels like an oasis of country life met by those that want to get away from it all.

The town is barely larger than 2 square miles, and for those adventurous enough you can take in everything it has to offer in a single weekend. However, your intrepid soul will want to linger a lot longer. With majestic views and an almost undisturbed nature, Chagrin Falls, Ohio is a little slice of home away from home.

History Of Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Unlike a lot of other nature loving vacation spots, Chagrin Falls doesn’t have a vast, or for that matter overly exciting, history. That is not to say the history isn’t wonderful, you just won’t find tales of adventurers getting lost and stumbling upon the next great thing.

There aren’t even whispers of run-away’s or deceit. Chagrin Falls, Ohio has a very humble beginning. Northeastern Ohio’s Cuyahoga County is home to the Cleveland-Akron-Canton metropolitan area. This is the 15th largest combined area in the United States.

In 1837 the surrounding area towns built a little off-shoot around the Chagrin waterfall. As a suburb of Cleveland, Chagrin Falls was nothing more than a rest stop near the water fall for a bit of peace and tranquility during long travels.

Today, the small suburb is home to over 4,000 residents and has been able to hang on to it’s tranquil, peaceful lifestyle. The waterfall is still the major focal point and business people working in the metropolitan area live there to get away from the noise of the big city.

Places to Stay in Chagrin Falls

It is very easy to stay in a hotel in the surrounding area or in Cleveland itself while visiting Chagrin Falls. The outlining areas and three large cities in close proximity offer hotels and chains that meet all of your needs.

Room service, WiFi, entertainment and more can all be had just miles from the town.

But why stay nearby when you can wake up each morning already there? Chagrin Falls is host to two inns that will more than accommodate you: The Club at Hillbrook and the Inn of Chagrin Falls.

The Club at Hillbrook

This 50-acre private club is nestled at the end of a beautiful country road. You may fill up your cameras memory long before you even get out of the car.

The Club is a full-service club offering all the amenities you would expect. There is golf, tennis, swimming, fine dining and even fitness centers. You can host events, hold weddings or sponsor corporate meetings. The settings and the grounds are immaculate and will not disappoint.

Inn of Chagrin Falls

If, however, you are only going to stay for a short time or only plan to visit once (although you will be back), the Inn of Chagrin Falls might be your answer. Especially if you don’t want to become a member of a club.

This cozy inn touts fountains and gardens that landscape the area, as well as both private and public meeting rooms for any of your needs. The rooms are decorated with a local flare to make you feel right at home and even have Jacuzzi baths installed.

Staying at the inn may make you forget there is an outdoors worthy of your exploration. It is quite possible that your stay will make you want to move in permanently.

Weather or Not

Every season and each month of the year brings new weather and the ability to surprise you. The weather in Chagrin Falls, Ohio is average for northern America. You will find tepid summer temperatures in the low 80s and winters are cold with an average snow fall of 25 inches.

In sunshine and warm days or bundled up and enjoying the snow, Chagrin Falls doesn’t disappoint. With indoor and outdoor activities, you will find yourself immersed in a world you didn’t even knew existed.

Places to Eat in Chagrin Falls

The Restaurants in Chagrin Falls, Ohio will leave you speechless. Whatever your fancy, you can find accommodations in Chagrin Falls to meet your tastes bud’s desires. Local flare or tastes from abroad, Chagrin Falls will have something to please everyone.

If you are looking for European flavors the Paris Room Bistro should be your port of call. The tastes of France come to life in this small kitchen restaurant. Almost everything on the menu is made by hand and from scratch using real French recipes and ingredients.

If the pasta of Italy is what you crave, then head over to M Italian or Cucina Rustica. The authentic Italian cuisine is lovingly crafted right there in front of you and you will be asking for seconds.

There is even the taste of the Orient with restaurants such as Hunan By The Falls or Umami. You will be taken to Asia with flavors that dance in your mouth and keep you coming back again and again for more.

With over 40 different restaurants in the area, Chagrin Falls is not short of options. Mexican food, American diners, desert bars and even a little taste of wine all have a spot ready for you.

Things to Do in Chagrin Falls

Once you have your bed made and your stomach full, it is time to get out there and experience the small-town life like never before. Chagrin Falls is a majestic hide away that offers picturesque views and stunning nature all within walking distance of anything your heart desires.

Obviously, you will want to visit the waterfall the town is named for. Chagrin Falls is centrally located and the two-level waterfall changes with the seasons. Each month gives you a different view and the attraction never seems to fade. With bright summer colors and warm autumn changes, the nature view is something to behold at any time of year.

The Chagrin Valley Little Theater is open to host events just for you. You can take part in Murder Mystery Dinners, watch local plays and Christmas events and enjoy the small-town life up close and personal. With performances, acts, plays music and dance, there is something always happening at the theater.

You should also head over to the Ladybug Ranch and take advantage of the horse-drawn carriage rides. Memories will be made as you are carried around the village to explore the sights and sounds of the season. They even have a show for the kids. The Lady Bug Show uses puppets, live animals and other entertainment to educate, fascinate and bewilder young minds.

Or, perhaps you just like to wander around and see what you can get into. Trails, hiking and walkways take you all around the town and the falls. You will experience nature like it was meant to be seen. The views are worthy of framing and the experience will give you memories to last a lifetime.

Fun Facts

Many famous people lived or were raised in Chagrin Falls. The most notable include:

  • Actor and comedian Tim Conway
  • Olympic gold medalist (swimming) Diana Munz
  • Director Lee Unkrich – You may know his movies: Toy Story 2 and 3, Monsters, Inc. and others
  • Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson

It is no wonder so many talented and famous people hail from such a small oasis of nature. With the large cities nearby, Chagrin Falls allows people to relax and create as nature intended. Offering the surroundings and inspiration needed to succeed. You will feel the warmth and hospitality of Chagrin Falls every time you visit.

In Conclusion

When you grow tired of the city life and want to get away from it all for a while, you have a multitude of options. Chagrin Falls, Ohio, however, has everything you will need in one little spot. The 2-square mile plot of land is home to some of the most iconic and scenic views found anywhere in America.

The quaint town is relaxing as a visitor get away or as a permanent settling spot. No matter what you are looking for or what to get away from, Chagrin Falls has the answer.

If you want fine dining and an atmosphere that sparks creativity, you will find it in one of the over 40 restaurants in the area. If you want entertainment, you will find that too. Theaters and carriage rides through the picturesque town will leave you with memories that won’t soon fade.

You can come during each of the four seasons and have a completely different experience. There is no limit to what you can do, where you can go or how you get there when you are in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Even returning to the big city life is simple, with the three large towns all just a few miles away. Chagrin Falls should be at the top of your vacation destination list.

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