What to Do in Boston

Are you in Boston and wondering what to do, see, and explore?

The City of Boston is one of the leading historic centers of America. It was in Boston that the Declaration of Independence was read, two centuries ago in July 1776. It was in Boston that the first public school was first opened in 1635. It was also in Boston that the first subway system in the U.S. was established in 1897. Clearly, there is plenty to see, explore, and learn in the Olde Towne.

To make life easier for you, we’ve put together this guide of the top six things to do while in Boston.

1.Freedom Trail

If you’re new in town, the best way to get to know more about the city is to walk along the iconic Freedom Trail. Boston was a key and instrumental town during the American Revolution. The city’s famous Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile long walk that highlights American Revolution sites. Starting from the Boston Common Public Park all the way to the end at Bunker Hill Monument, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the gruesome, heart-wrenching, defining moments in history that have taken place in Boston in the last two centuries.

2. Museum of Fine Arts

For an in-depth look at the cultural side of the city, consider visiting some Boston museums. Top of the list should be The Museum of Fine Arts. Located at 465 Huntington Avenue, it boasts stunning exhibits and artwork from different time periods and countries. You’ll see the world’s largest collection of French Impressionist paintings, Japanese artifacts, European classics and contemporary pieces. Make sure you take a look at the map before beginning your tour around the museum.  Also, give yourself enough time to properly appreciate the art. And at the end, go on and enjoy a much-needed break at the café upstairs, or grab lunch at one of the nearby restaurants when you’re done.

3.Visit Fenway Park

If you want an experience of a lifetime, make sure you visit Fenway Park when the Red Sox are playing. There’s nothing like it. The atmosphere is electric and the fans in Sox memorabilia and colors are a sight to behold.  If you prefer a quieter, guided tour, it can be arranged. Guided tours allow you the chance to see and walk through the tunnels and out onto the field. You’ll learn the intriguing history of the classic ballpark, and who knows you might just leave a converted Red Sox fan.

4.Old State House

No tourist experience in Boston is complete without a visit to the Old State House. This 300-year-old classic building was the site of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It’s also located in the middle of the city making it a very convenient place to visit. The city seems sprouted right around the State House, in a befitting fashion. Guided tours are available and can last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. They are well worth it if you prefer to have someone telling you all the intriguing and lesser known facts about the building.

5.Book a Boston Whale Watching Cruise

Nothing beats watching whales in Boston. The adrenaline, the rush, and the excitement of being in a high-speed catamaran right next to the action is unimaginable. From humpback whales to fin whales and Atlantic white-sided dolphins, see all this amazing marine wildlife in person. If you get hungry during the trip, there’s food and beverages onboard for sale. These cruises are very educational and the crew will share their expertise on the animal’s behavior patterns, conservation status, insightful tidbits and more.

6.Attend the Opera or Ballet

If you want to experience a night of the arts, then make a date to attend either The Boston Opera or The Boston Ballet. The Opera House located in downtown Boston is an architectural marvel. Parking is conveniently just across the street from the Opera House. Look out for classic plays such as the Phantom of the Opera that is showcased several times a year. The performances are always topnotch and the costumes and settings perfectly designed.

Do It All In One Day!

If you find yourself pressed for time but are still keen to see and do all the things listed above, then you should book a one-day guided tour. It’s an investment and one that’s worth it. To get more ideas about things you can do and see around the city, type in Tripadvisor Boston in your browser and read more about others’ experiences and adventures around the vibrant city.

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